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Our Principal

Mr. Dwight Perry

My name is Dwight A. Perry Jr. and I am excited to be here.  I'm a dynamic visionary and servant leader.  Currently, I'm serving as the proud Principal at Bessie Coleman Middle School in Cedar Hill.    

3 of my core values (Perry's ABC's) are accountability, belief, continuous improvement. I'm a former high school math teacher, football, wrestling, and girls soccer coach.    

I am often called "Coach" Perry and I am married to Erica and a father of 3 boys, Ezra, Malachi, and Samuel.  I've earned my bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Chicago State University and a master's in educational leadership from Olivet Nazarene University.  One of my many coined phrases is "Foot on the gas!"  

Go Longhorns & Math always! Got a question? Email me!

Good morning parents/guardians,

The time is here. We have quickly approached the start of the year and we cannot wait to have you back in the building. Here are a few updates for this school year.

1. Staffing: At the current moment, we are 100% fully staffed. We are ELATED about this news. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that we have adults in the building ready to teach our children.

2. Scheduling: The master schedule has been completed. We do have a few conflicts due to a realignment of our priorities and our counseling department has done the most amazing job getting everyone scheduled and in classes. We thank you for your patience with us as we adjust the schedules for the year.

3. New Faces to BCMS: Throughout the school year, we will be hosting several meet and greets on campus. We have some new faces to the campus and it is our goal to have as many face-to-face events as possible. Please be patient with us as we get to know each other and adjust our operating procedures to best meet the needs of our scholars and families.

4. Getting involved: WE NEED YOU! Our All Pro Dads and PTSA organizations need YOU on campus. Our goal is to increase the level of engagement from families and we must have your input in the process. Please sign up and get involved. Your input is vital to the success of our school and we are actively seeking opportunities to hear from you.

5. 1-0 Daily: This will be a saying that will be carried throughout the year. Our daily focus is to be 1-0. Every day, every game, every period, every class, every moment... we must go 1-0. Being a winner doesn't mean you win every time, but it does mean that you have the mindset to win every time. This winning mindset will be the focus for our teachers and scholars daily. We know that we aren't perfect and if we have a moment of imperfection, we must find a way to clear the slate and go back to the drawing board. But going back to the drawing board is key. We have to show up with this winner's mindset daily. Going 1-0 is everything. A Latin phrase Carpe Diem sums it up. Seize the day!

We are ELATED about this school year and looking forward to winning every day. Thanks for trusting your scholar with us.

Math always,

Mr. Perry