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Schedule Change Request

Schedule Change Requests 

The schedule change request period has closed as of August 11, 2023 at 11:59 pm.

All Schedule Change Requests Must Be Approved by an Administrator.

  • If the Request Is Approved, the Assistant Principal Will Notify Your Student's Counselor.
  • The Adjustment Will Be Made as Long as It Fits Within the Scholar's Current Schedule and Doesn't Cause an Overflow of Students in Other Classes. 
  • Please Be Advised That Any Alternative Choices Are Very Slim; Even with Approval, There Is No Guarantee That There Will Be Space in the Elective Class of Your Choice. 
  • Also, Please Be Mindful That Any Change to the Current Schedule Could Cause a Significant Change in Your Student's Instructors or Their Scheduled Day. 

Please see the process for addressing teacher concerns:

Step one: Contact the teacher and have a meeting/phone conference. You can also access teachers via Skyward.  Proceed to the next step if there is still a concern. 

Step two: Contact your scholar’s assistant principal. 

Scholar's last name  A-L, Mr. Mendoza

Scholar's last name M-Z, Mrs. Tuck

Proceed to the next step if there is still a concern. 

Step three: Contact Mr. Perry, BCMS Principal


Below are the only reasons that a schedule would need to be changed after 8/11/2023:

• Missing a class period – a student doesn't have 8 classes
•Double period - student has 2 classes in one period
•Level error – student placed in the wrong level of a class (Ex: Art 2 without completing Art 1, etc.)