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Bessie Coleman Middle School Library

 Library Catalog   Library Catalog


Welcome to Bessie Coleman Library!  Our vision is to empower scholars to be well rounded, confident and responsible users of ideas and information and develop a life-long love of reading.  The library is for everyone and we provide a welcoming and supportive learning environment with numerous resources.   


  • All students will enter the library quietly and remain quiet during their stay.

  • All students will treat library materials with respect and return them promptly.

  • Students will refrain from bringing chewing gum, food, drinks, candy, etc. into the library.

  • Students will use the library computers for school work such as research, power point presentations, and typing papers; NOT for chat rooms, games, email, etc.

  • Students coming in before and after school must sign in and out.

  • Students coming in during class periods must have hall pass from their teacher and sign in and out. No more than 2-3 students from the same class at a time. Limit 10 minutes. 


  • Students may have two (2) books checked out at one time.

  • Books are checked out for two (2) weeks and may be renewed once.

  • Books that are not returned nor renewed will be marked as lost.

  • Scholars will be expected to pay for the replacement cost of lost or damaged books.

Students with overdue books or fines will not be allowed to check out additional books until they clear their record.